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Bolsonaro Joins Netanyahu for Innovation Exhibition Tour

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3 Apr 2019
Bolsonaro Joins Netanyahu for Innovation Exhibition Tour
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosted Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for a trip to the Israeli innovation exhibition at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem on Tuesday. The two leaders were shown several recently developed pieces of technology promising improvements in various fields, with Netanyahu telling his guest that Israel is eager to partner with Brazil to produce and market such devices.

Here is a video about Bolsonaro's trip to Israel

 Later in the day, Netanyahu gave a speech to political supporters in which he urged them to work on increasing voter turnout in the upcoming elections. “The Right is complacent,” Netanyahu warned in his speech to supporters in Bat Yam. “When we look [at polls] on how many people plan to vote, we see a significant gap between Left and Right. People say ‘why bother, Bibi will win.’”

Israel Blesses the World
Professor Shulamit Levenberg, Dean of the Biomedical Engineering department at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa recently announced the launch of a 3-D Bio-Printing Center for Cell and Biomaterials Printing at the university. The new procedures being developed at the Center offer hope for more effective and cheaper medical treatments for a wide variety of illnesses. “The goal is to make tissue to repair or replace muscle, bone, heart tissue and ears,” Levenberg explained. “Unlike organ donations which can be rejected by the patient, the 3-D printer uses the patient's own cells.”

Nechama Rivlin in Stable Condition
Israeli resident Reuven Rivlin returned early from his trip to Canada on Wednesday to tend to his wife Nechama, who is being treated at Beilinson hospital in Petah Tikva following complications from a lung transplant surgery she underwent on 11 March. A statement from the President’s office late Wednesday morning said that she was in stable condition.

Today's video gives some analysis about Russia's position in the Middle East


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