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Brazilian President Bolsonaro in Israel for State Visit

PA Recalls Ambassador to Brazil for Consultations

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1 Apr 2019
Brazilian President Bolsonaro in Israel for State Visit
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro landed in Israel for a four-day visit on Sunday morning and was greeted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior officials. Shortly after his arrival, Bolsonaro sat down with Netanyahu at the Prime Minister’s Office to sign bi-lateral cooperation agreements in a variety of fields, however, he did not, as was hoped, announce the move of Brazil’s Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, saying instead that a trade office will be opened in Jerusalem as an intermediary step.

Here is a video of President Bolsonaro's arrival in Israel

“I welcome your decision to open a trade, technology and innovation office, an official office of the Government of Brazil, in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said in a joint press statement later in the day. “I hope that this is a first step toward the opening in time of the Brazilian Embassy in Jerusalem. I would like to welcome you my friend and say to you and to the entire wonderful delegation that you brought – Welcome to Jerusalem the capital of Israel!”

“I’ve always been asked: What can we learn from Israel?” said Bolsonaro in his own remarks. “I would tell them: We need to have the same faith as they [Israelis] have…People of Israel, together our nations can achieve great things.”

A large delegation of Brazilian officials, diplomats and business leaders are accompanying Bolsonaro on this trip to explore areas of cooperation with their Israeli counterparts.

Meanwhile, in response to the opening of a Brazilian trade mission in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority has recalled its ambassador to Brazil for consultations and issued a statement condemning the move “in the strongest terms" as a “flagrant violation of international legitimacy and its resolutions, and a direct assault on our people and their rights.” 


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