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Efforts Underway for Long Term Cease-Fire in Gaza

Riots Break Out in West Bank

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28 Mar 2019
Efforts Underway for Long Term Cease-Fire in Gaza
An effort by Egyptian intelligence officials to broker a long-term cease-fire between Israel and the Islamist terror militia Hamas was reportedly underway Thursday morning even as preparations appear to be underway for a mass demonstration on the border by Palestinian factions on Saturday to mark “Land Day” and the one year anniversary of the so-called ‘March of Return’ riots which have been held nearly every Friday afternoon for the last 52 weeks. Hamas political chief Ismail Haniyeh issued a statement while touring the wreckage of what used to be his office in Gaza City on Wednesday, saying among other things that his forces had “said its word, and the occupation has understood the message.”

"I bless all the sides that helped to end the Zionist arrogance against the Gaza Strip…I call on all the Palestinian people, inside, outside, and in the West Bank to go out on Land Day and to join in the million man march [March of Return]."

“Haniyeh should find a new office before he starts bragging,” one Israeli official told Ynet news in response to the statement.

Here is a video about recent events on the Gaza-Israel border

Meanwhile, riots broke out at several locations in the West Bank on Wednesday, including near Bethlehem where a rioter was shot dead. There were scattered reports of injuries and damage to persons and property on both sides at various other locations.


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