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Israel Arrests Several Hamas Leaders in West Bank

PA Discontinues Program to Allow Sick Palestinians Treatment in Israel

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2 Apr 2019
Israel Arrests Several Hamas Leaders in West Bank
Israeli security forces carried out raids to arrest several leaders of the Islamist terror militia Hamas in the West Bank overnight Monday, with one Palestinian man killed as he participated in riots connected to the raids in the village of Kalandiya, north of Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Egyptian officials reported Tuesday that they will soon announce the results of their ongoing efforts to negotiate a long-term truce between Hamas and Israel, even as Hamas rejected a request from Israel to postpone further negotiations until after elections scheduled for 9 April.

Here are some videos about Hamas activities on the Gaza-Israel border

In related news, the Palestinian Authority has announced that they will halt a program which allowed sick Palestinians to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals, saying that a recent decision to not accept tax-revenues collected by Israel on the PA’s behalf due to Israel’s decision to garner amounts equal to the payments the PA makes to convicted terrorists either killed or imprisoned for killing Israeli civilians made it necessary to cut the PA’s budget. He added that the stipends to families of terrorists would continue and would be the last thing ever cut from the budget.


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