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Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign

God Answers Prayers

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19 Sep 2017
Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign


By: David Parsons, VP Senior International Spokesman

“Certainly God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.” (Psalm 66:19)

We are very grateful for all those who have taken part in our Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign over the past six years. Today, thousands of believers, prayer groups and entire churches from dozens of nations are joining with us every Wednesday to pray for Israel, the region and the ICEJ. It has turned into more than just a prayer initiative and is now a global prayer movement with great power and potential to impact heaven, and thereby the earth.

The ICEJ recently had a clear answer to one of our prayer concerns, which we are eager to share with you. Last year, we urged everyone to pray that the Israeli government would allow the final remnant of Ethiopian Jewry to come home to Israel. The cabinet then made a historic decision to allow the last 9,000 Jews in Gondar and Addis Ababa to make Aliyah. The first two flights of the renewed Ethiopian Aliyah landed last fall, which was sponsored by the ICEJ. Yet, new obstacles arose, both in Israel and in Ethiopia. It seemed like the Ethiopian Aliyah would again be delayed for years. Even still, we pressed on in prayer calling on the Lord God to open wide the door for the last of this ancient Jewish community to return to their people and nation. He has answered our cry!

In late May, the Israeli government decided once again to resume the Ethiopian Aliyah, and three more flights sponsored by the ICEJ have already arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport. During a recent visit to the Knesset, our leadership was approached by two different officials who congratulated the ICEJ for successfully lobbying the government to let the flights begin once more. They insisted it was our pressure which had finally swung the door wide open for the Ethiopian Aliyah. Yet, the only real lobbying we have been doing is calling out to God to make it happen. God has done this, and we praise Him alone for the victory!

So please be encouraged that our prayers are being heard. God has attended to our voice!  



By: Pastor Barry Rooks

The Isaiah 62 prayer initiative endeavours to encourage a corporate lifestyle of prayer, calling out to our great God and strengthening the body of Messiah. This is why we are greatly encouraged when we see and hear reports about God’s answers to prayer. This year Pastor Barry Rooks came to the ICEJ’s Envision Conference, and since then, the impact of his time in Israel has been taking root and bearing much fruit for God’s kingdom. Here is his testimony:

Root and Fruit
This year, I was blessed to be sponsored by the ICEJ UK to attend the annual pastors and leaders conference in Jerusalem. We visited the site where the Ark rested in Shiloh, and while I was praying I looked down and saw a root on the ground. Picking up the root, I felt God tell me to take it back home. Before going to Israel, my hope and prayer was that I would be a blessing to Israel and also to bring something of powerful spiritual nature back to the UK. And the Lord answered.

Returning home to my congregation, I shared about the root in a sermon, saying, “I believe God has sent me back with something, and I will pray for anyone that wants prayer to receive what God has for them.” Most of the congregation came forward. Nearly the entire youth group came forward for prayer, prayed for each other, and some even started speaking in tongues for the first time. After praying for everyone, the young people then prayed for me.

When I talk about what the root symbolises, I remind people who are born again that they are now grafted into a different family tree. The roots of their family line are now found in Israel and go back to Jesus, David and Abraham. What a family we belong to and what a heritage! I encourage people to boast about our 'great uncle' Paul, and our 'great-great-great grandfather' Moses. With that heritage behind us, how can we fail? 

Please visit our website to join the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative!


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